ERP specially designed for Heat Treaters

  • The only ERP specially designed for Job Heat Treaters
  • Put Your Business on Auto-Pilot
  • Facilitates Fast Growth Without Chaos
  • Improve Customer Trust & Satisfaction
  • You gain Competitive Advantage
  • High R.O.T.I.

Put Your Business on Auto-Pilot

  • Standardises your whole business process
  • Maintains process discipline
  • System runs on its own even in your absence
  • Autogenerated Daily / Weekly / Monthly reports
  • Difficult task will be simplified
  • Automated Payment Follow-up
  • Automated Customer Communications
  • Automated Shift Planning

You gain Competitive Advantage

  • Reduced cost, improved efficiency
  • Faster processing, shorter delivery period
  • Automated, customer friendly communications
  • Improve Customer Trust & Satisfaction
  • Defect free documentation
  • Customer Audit friendly systems
  • Improve customer trust and satisfaction

Improve Customer Trust & Satisfaction

  • Easy Customer Audits
  • High Process Discipline
  • Quality Consistency
  • Better / Error Free Documentation
  • Transparency
  • You gain competitive advantage

Facilitates Fast Growth Without Chaose

  • System discipline maintained
  • Inbuilt mistake proofing (Poka-Yoke)
  • System functions smoothly when load increases
  • Authority and responsibilities delegated systematically
  • Personalised scoreboards help to focus on targets

R.O.T.I. – Return on Your Time Invested!

  • Save time searching for or collecting data
  • Spend Less time firefighting
  • Spend less time training new employees
  • Spend less time attending to customers
  • More time to Think, Strategise, Plan and GROW